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How To 
Generate B2B Leads Online
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How To
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Online Sales 
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How To 
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Amazing things can happen when you have someone's UNDIVIDED attention! Engage directly with your prospective buyers and you don’t need to hire a speaker or a presenter to do it. 
How Did I Get Here?
…As a business owner I am always humbled by how much I don’t know…

Well, I spent 4 years exploring my entrepreneurial spirit. From becoming a finance consultant, to setting running e-commerce stores. All with varying success. 
Don’t get me wrong, I’m in my 50’s, and during my corporate life, I did build a successful career in Treasury and Finance; rising through the ranks and earning a decent salary .
But...when I went into business for myself... I had a problem, a problem understanding marketing. I had more questions than answers.
What makes people buy?

 Why would someone go out of their way to buy the exact same product elsewhere? And

How am I earning so little per hour - even after charging premium rates for my finance consultancy?
I was so clueless that I started to refer to marketing as the “Dark Arts”.
As a business owner, I have learnt that if... "you don’t know how to... then find someone who does…”
So, I did, I tried several consultants and experts at great expense but all I got was set backs on my time and not to mention money.
Unhappy with my lack of marketing know how; I used my analytical skills and compared what the paid experts were doing for me v what my more successful competitors were doing online. 
The result was simple – I was being sold obsolete marketing strategies and methods… by not just one but four marketing agencies…sigh
The real payoff came; I did more research and joined some marketing related masterclasses and mentoring programmes. I quickly learnt that marketing is no longer the Dark Arts… but a simple brew of processes, analysis and adjustments coupled with a pinch of your niche’s wants and desires… Poof we now have a working spell…
Joking aside, I’m here, providing a done for you service to my fellow entrepreneur businesses. I’m back with proven marketing strategies. Lead generating strategies that work! Strategies that cost less, take less time than you’d think. Strategies that have caught the competition napping...
If you’ve ever thought...
How do I start marketing my business...?
How do I get more customers and clients for my business…?

Then you are in the right place, book a call with me to find out what I do to help fellow business entrepreneurs generate quality leads, get more product sales and encourage subscribers to your lists…

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What People Are Saying:
This is such an incredible offer! I've been working with Shabina to get my Vehicle Resolutions business off the ground. It has been very enlightening. Thank you Shabina, I owe you one!
- Tendai Nyambo, MK
Working with Shabina has helped my store to increase sales by over $11k with the minimum of ad costs. 
I just had my discovery call with Shabina; and have to say I'm impressed, 
She showed me how I can easily  implement a few simple techniques in my business without having to pay  massive fees. Highly recommended
- Ki , WA
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